Evolving Lines: Interview with Australia’s Shida

Mik Shida is an internationally renowned artist. Shida’s roots lie deep within the Melbourne street art scene and internationally. He has created numerous of his ethereal pieces all over the world. Often collaborating with some of the world’s top artists, his pieces feature walls that are sometimes colossal in scale with the depth and intricacy to match. He is a true artist of the Melbourne scene, here’s what he had to say to the GSA team. This interview is featured on GlobalStreetArt.com.

Shida In Fractals

I started street art in 2004, but started painting properly in 2006. During this period I was inspired by artwork throughout of my travels in Europe, another influence was the emerging stencil scene in Melbourne at the time.

My practice covers nearly every imaginable medium from canvas to sculptures, tiny stickers to multi storey murals. In terms of formal training I have had none what so ever. In terms of location my works mostly incorporate large public walls, but I often paint pretty much anywhere I can get away with.

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IMG 666IMG_7047knarflodzfacebookshida_australia_1shidaOver time my pieces developed from doing quick continuous lines on the street, this then evolved as my works grew gradually larger and more intricate. The lines mimicked the movements of my body, using a spray can, which I then ran with, essentially utilising my arm as a kind of a bodily protractor. My works continued to grow and now my style is just natural to me like speaking. I would best describe my style as expressive, psychedelic and fractal based.























upcoming show opening in Brisbane in February and one in Melbourne in April, and after these shows are complete – hopefully more travel.