The Art of Neo-Expressionism: Johannes Mundinger

Interview Street Artist Johannes Mundinger

Johannes Mundinger (xXcrew) is an artist based in Berlin, Germany his style is comprised of a neo-expressionist/primitiveness blend with adages of geometrical influences. His artworks are stunning and mesmerising to the eye with great depth and layers attributed to each. His street art pieces are often ingrained into the surroundings, often juxtaposed in derelict constructs.


A Humble Street Artist from Berlin

I have been drawing since I was a child, but started painting walls around the year 2000. It all started off with graffiti, I was drawing letters in a sketchbook at first then slowly started to grow out of classic graffiti into bigger mural type styles.

My latest works have been painted on paper this eliminates the need for big canvases. I often find that wooden backgrounds and old walls add a nice texture to my works. The great things about Berlin is that it has lots of old, rotting walls with plenty of abandoned places. On the other hand I work without paint focusing more on conceptual


I like a lot of different styles and variations, some of my favourite artists are my friends or friends of friends. I draw inspiration from children’s drawings and of course the Internet, which is a huge source for inspiration.n’t a certain person or thing that I get my inspiration from.


My artworks have developed from spraying letters (graffiti writing) to more of a fine art; now I paint abstract character murals using mostly a brush and roller. I would call my style in one word: narrative.

The scene in Berlin is friendly and open for collaboration. After moving to Berlin in early 2011, I felt welcomed. I have come across many artists in Berlin, and now I am getting to know the people behind the murals and artworks – I really enjoy this and it is definitely interesting! I draw inspiration from this.



Some of my paintings and other works have been shown in off spaces, galleries and museums – this goes with walls too, it is always nice to see people standing in front of your work. Most of my murals are painted in a day or an afternoon; my artworks rely on the surrounding environment to give them an artistic edge. Whereas a canvas will hang in my studio, then can be transported and it’s not always fixed to one spot.


I have painted all over Europe. Whenever I am abroad I always try to paint with locals, this way I can be immersed in the local street art scene.

Going back to collaboration, some of the walls are painted with Wurstbande, Sam Crew, Klub7, Nonstop Nonsens, and Patu. I am now working on a series of paintings for a “crime show” at Galerie Ahnen, Karlsruhe, Germany.

For more artwork by Johannes please like his Facebook page: here
If you like his art, indoor and outdoor or just would like to get in touch please visit his website: here


patu--johannes-xxcrew wandgesicht- xxcrew-johannes-mundinger

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