About TSAC

Our main focus is street art but we love art in general

Everything from design, graffiti, modern/contemporary art, stencils, posters, hip hop, indie, photography, drawing, illustrations, installations, yarn bombing, street culture, stickers and anything in-between.

The Street Art Curator’s Aim

To help artists gain exposure to the general public by creating awareness through our blog, facebook and twitter profiles in turn showcasing their works to the greater world to reach, support and nurture established talents and growing talents from across the globe.

As a result we hope that we can collaborate with artists to ensure the efforts of the street art movement is being fully utilised for the greater good!

ARTISTS WANTED: We are always on a constant lookout for great images of street art so please do feel free to post on our wall so we can share them, all we need is the Location, artist and photographer.

PHOTOS WANTED: Please do contact us so we can utilise our blog and social media platforms to showcase your works.

We do hope you appreciate the works being displayed and get a better understanding of the street art movement. Please comment, share and like to support đŸ™‚

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestreetartcurator

Follow us on twitter: @StreetartQrator

Email us with pictures to be published: thestreetartcurator@gmail.com

DISCLAIMER: A lot of the pictures that are showcased on our fanpage belong to their respective owners. We do not claim any right to the photos on our page unless we have indicated otherwise. If there are any pictures that we have featured that you do not want us to display, please let us know and we will remove it straight away! Thank you.

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