Invader lets you in his bed…


A look into the realm of the space invader! This 13m 45s video is a day in the shoes of invader, which showcases what he does best, laying great works of art made exclusively out of colourful tiles (mosaics). The 8-bit street artist has hundreds if not thousands of these pieces all over the world, most predominantly featuring the streets of Paris.

Major work

A major work of invader consisted of a host of pieces placed in Montpellier France which were strategically placed; when each piece is connected via a map it constructs an image of a very, very large space invader character. Invader’s work is placed according to aesthetic, strategic or conceptual viewpoints which are mostly strategically located in high traffic areas, but also has taken a liking to hidden locations.

Each artwork is photographed and catalogued and uploaded to a website, which can be viewed here

A bit about the video

This video has excellent cinematography and gets into the details of how pieces are made and set in strategic areas around Paris – if you’re a budding street artist this is a great way of checking out one of the real icons of street art in Europe.

Invader is now working on a project titled “Rubikcubism”, using Rubik’s cube tiles as the ingredient.

Please check out Invader’s website:

A link to his artworks here: