Interview With Argentine Street Artist Sato

Sato is a new comer to the street art scene in Argentina. His works are comprised of abstract, modern contemporary characters mixed with cartoon elements and vibrant colours.

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I have always been drawing as far as I can remember, I came across street art a couple of years ago, since March or April 2011. I had started to paint through a crew in La Plata (my hometown), this got me interested and I eventually went on to study art in university.

casita corazon cerebro granada encounter with oneself

im not a animallove - Sato and Manuela

I started painting after watching a few of my friends paint, totally amazed by the experience – they eventually let me draw a small character on a wall. I felt like a void had been filled, so I went off to the spray shop to buy 3 cans of paint and painted my first wall, an octopus with my name tagged next to it (sato).

love letter

My name comes from when I was a 10 year old kid, one of my friends from school started calling me Sato and it eventually caught on to the rest of my friends, then my family. My real name is Santiago, but I present myself as Sato.

These days my work feature mostly murals, but I like to change things around, sometimes canvases or installations with miniature figures and characters. I do not have any formal training what so ever, I did however study industrial design, then two years of art, but I chose to leave these courses at university and pursue it on my own.

galery work miniatures 1 galery work miniatures 2

I have noticed as my works develop over time, I prefer to choose specific locations for a piece that requires it. For example Brain – Hear – Granada, is posted on the side of a building, or the piece entitled “encounter with oneself” which is painted in an abandoned factory in Uruguay.
ce, through this character I hope to put smiles on people’s faces when they see him on the street. My preferred places generally range anywhere I seem to paint all at places where my friends are painting at the same time. My signature character is a blue face of a man with a very large smile on his face.



The inspiration for my works comes from an obsession with art. I always draw my ideas on my paper or write down what comes to mind, when it has live, I am able to take this draw and create an impact.

I think that my pieces evoke a contentedness with people, artists and friends. Sharing my passion with my friends allows me to grow every day and learn different techniques and to work on ideas. While painting with the Colombian artist Rodez in the back of a school, allowed me to see a wall as a canvas, something that can be created other than using spray paint.

Sato and Zesar

magic big blue



I would describe my style as a mix of different styles; I have always tried not to base my style of anybody else’s. In Argentina, the graffiti scene started around 1994, in my city (La Plata) consisted of only around 5-6 guys who were active in the scene. In La Plata around 2003, a new wave of writers started to appear – they mainly bombed trains and walls, two crews of this time were DMA and G2K. In 2005 crews such as GMC and ATP appeared. While more recently around 2010 the new wave of street art came sweeping through – and this is what interested me.

I am very comfortable doing gallery work, I see it as just another space, another environment where I can express myself. In the street your work is exposed to anyone who passes by. My workshop is the place I feel most comfortable painting and this is where most of my gallery pieces come to life.

karate kid

Outside of Argentina, I was lucky enough to paint in Brazil and Uruguay and within Argentina, I paint in towns in and around my hometown of La Plata. Wherever I went the reception was the same, people like to see you paint and like to ask you about how you are painting it and what materials you are using – this is good for passersby as they are do not have to go to a gallery to see it.


My favourite places to paint are abandoned places such as factories or old homes, where big grey walls are common. Wherever I seem to paint seems to offer something different, and each place offers a different quality of interaction with the environment.

In the future I hope to continue painting on the street and to develop my works spending more time and creating quality pieces. And with all that, i’ll be working on 2 to 3 pieces for exhibiting in a gallery. But above all, what I want most is to travel doing my art, visit different places in my country and visiting other countries, meeting new people and artists, experiencing different cultures and gaining inspiration to create more pieces and to reinforce my existence on this planet.